Baltic States Escapes

The Baltic states, also known as the Baltic countries, Baltic republics, Baltic nations or simply the Baltics, is a geopolitical term used for grouping the three sovereign countries in Northern Europe, It comprises three most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe, named as ESTONIA, LATVIA & LITHUANIA.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are tiny. Yet in this wonderfully compact space there are three completely distinct cultures to discover – with different languages, different traditions and markedly different temperaments. By way of example, you need only look at the three unique yet equally compelling capitals: flamboyantly baroque Vilnius, chic art-nouveau Rīga and majestically medieval Tallinn. When it comes to cultural mileage, the Baltic is as fuel-efficient a destination as you could ever hope for.


Cruise the splendid Baltic Sea coastline. Tour the wonders of the Estonian archipelago, the islet of Neringa and the Curonian Spit, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Look for pebbles of golden amber on the coast and then follow the Amber Road to Venice. Marvel in the medieval ramparts, the world’s preeminent collection of art nouveau architecture, and a rich crossroads of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and classical buildings in the region’s proud capitals. Surround yourself with exotic languages, a history of merchant cultures and burgeoning tourist experiences.


Endless sandy beaches, a multitude of lakes, large tracts of forest and wildlife-rich wetlands: the Baltic States may be flat but they’re not lacking in natural appeal. Best of all, the relatively low population density means there’s plenty to go around. Many of Europe’s large mammals have found quiet corners to linger in here, although the wolves, bears, elks and lynx know better than to mug for tourist snapshots. You’re more likely to see white storks in their bathtub-sized nests balanced on lampposts, or woodpeckers tap-tapping away, or the odd startled deer scampering along the side of the road.


A new and distinct European travel experience abounds in this region budding with tourism. Discover a natural bounty of cultural riches in the forests and lakes that cover endless stretches of countryside. Explore Gūtmaņala Cave, the largest in the Baltic States.


Visitors seeking for new and exciting European destinations find this small but abounding corner of the Baltics a real cultural treasure. While being a former Soviet Republic and boasting a rich medieval history, Estonia traditionally shares its ethnic and linguistic roots find Finland and stems greatly from peasant culture. Thus Estonian countryside is dotted with traditional cottages as well as large castles and manors. City breakers can explore the early 13th-century Tallinn Old Town including Toompea Castle, the domed church of Toomkirik, and the town hall square Raekoja Plats. Walk beneath ancient stonewalls on winding, cobbled streets and follow torch lit alleys to secret stairways and climb to tower ramparts. If the snow thaws fast enough in the spring, you can enjoy the famous Fifth Season in Soomaa National Park and tour the flooded forest by boat. Find yourself in Estonia and discover a new frontier in European travel.



Field upon field of green countryside dotted only by the occasional centuries-old farmstead. Winding trails snaking through thick forests of pine scattered with wild mushrooms and berry bushes. Gentle waves lapping a pristine pebble beach. The image of a true Latvian landscape is one that’s best enjoyed slowly. Latvia’s charming small towns and countryside contrast nicely with the vibrancy of its capital city Riga, a true metropolis. The Baltic state offers an exciting mix for culture lovers, outgoing outdoor types and foodies. A proud Euro member state, visiting Latvia is an easy addition when traveling to other European destinations.



Combining cultures of east and west, Lithuania is a fascinating destination for every traveller. The capital of Vilnius holds a wealth of architectural styles in its churches and towers, fortifications, and secluded medieval courtyards, and the narrow streets provide an eclectic mix of Gothic, Renaissance and Classical styles, though Baroque is dominant. The Lithuania of today invites travelers from all over the world to experience its warm hospitality, beautiful countryside and picturesque wooded hills. As the geographic center of Europe, Lithuania is truly in the middle of it all.

    • Unique Combination – Baltic Countries are a considerable destinations and a great alternative to other much visited destinations – new,different and very interesting indeed. It will keep you talking for months! It is the combination of old and new, Medieval and modern, which gives the Baltics its unique flavour. You could stay in a luxury hotel suite in city one day and in luxurious country manor houses the next day.
    • Luxurious & tailor-made getaway – Baltic Countries should be considered destination as your choice.From luxurious country manor houses, to 5 star boutique hotels, yacht and helicopter trips – perfect destination for your next trip, encompassing anything you’d like to explore.
    • Variety of Travel Experience – Baltic Countries can provide top class service for the most demanding clientele. We can offer you a wide range of services from sightseeing tours that can include cookery classes & private visits to world famous designer studios, vodka tasting to providing wonderful unique cliff top weddings with a difference.
    • Golf Lovers – we have options of top class golfing experiences,where participants can play up until midnight when staying during the white nights period.
    • Nature Tours with photography – Bird watchingon one of the most prolific migratory routes for arctic foul and photography of these stunning sights also be arranged and is a must for the keen photographer.
    • Romance in Baltics – Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania are ideal destinations for weddings & honeymoons. If you are looking for unique & time saving destinationbut same time high-end luxury weddings or honeymoon, then one of the Baltic Countries should be considered destination for you. With its small logistic distances you can have beautiful wedding in luxurious 5 star Manor House in island and beautiful day in Medieval Old town in next day.
    • Life in Winters – Winter holidaysare truly amazing with brief snatches of daylight and cosy medieval style surroundings, and you should certainly consider taking a trip along Europe’s longest ice road.
    • Season Holidays – If visiting in winter, a trip to the Christmas Marketis a must, and you can even take a ride on the dog sled, experiencing the beauty of Baltic Countries on a very traditional mode of transport.
    • Meetings & Conference – Baltic Countries offers the very best in conferencing space too. Bespoke packages can include sourcing the very best meeting spaces that combine medieval surroundingswith all the modern conveniences you need, whether it’s for an annual conference or an incentive weekend for sales staff.
    • Food & Wine – You can experience the EUROPE’S 2ND BEST CUSINE in Baltic’s, you can experience a gourmet treat in picturesque surroundings– you can even order a meal served in Virgin Forests for a real “back to nature” feeling!

    Chocolate Lovers – Latvia’s largest chocolate producer has opened up a fun and fascinating interactive museum in its historic premises on Miera Street. After registering and receiving your QR-coded admission ticket you can proceed into a number of different exhibits that trace the long history of the company whose traditions date back to 1870. Watch videos about the history of chocolate making or see how Laima produces some of its most delicious treats. You can also create your own chocolate video or have a personalized message printed on a chocolate bar to give as a gift to a friend or yourself.

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