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Italy has drawn travellers in search of culture and romance for many centuries. From the northern snow-capped peaks of the Alps and the idyllic hilltop villages of the renowned central Tuscany and Umbria area, to the rugged southern shores of Sicily, lies a plethora of distinctive regions and people. From the sophisticated, vibrant cities to the simple elegance of the countryside, Italy’s culture abounds. As a united country, Italy is only a little over 150 years old which means that each region still has a strong cultural identity, resulting in a country of many different faces to delight repeat traveller.

Italy is an exciting and fascinating country, but bureaucracy and administration can be complicated – especially if it’s not translated into your language. We will provide guaranteed assurance that each and every Italian Experience created for you, no matter how big or small, will be mastered to perfection. We create each and every itinerary specifically for your needs using your time and money efficiently whilst providing the most memorable experiences for you. Each trip is enhanced with their 24/7 Guest Ambassador service to guarantee that any needs will be immediately addressed to everyone’s satisfaction.


The heart of the Roman Empire. Marvel at the imposing Colosseum which was commissioned by Emperor Vespasian. The stadium accommodated up to 50,000 spectators who came to view the gladiatorial battles that lasted up to one-hundred days! Adjacent is the Arc of Constantine; dating from AD 315 it is a forerunner to many other Triumphal Arches around the world. Possibly even more impressive are the excavations of the vast Roman Forum, where the remains of temples, streetscapes and palaces can now be visited up close. Our guides can bring to life the atmosphere of Rome’s pulsating heart, crowded with people from across the Roman Empire.  More you can explore the other nearby Emperor’s forums; Trajan, Augustus and Caesar. You can plan to visit the Palatine Hill, inhabited since the 9th century BC; archaeologists believe this to be the place where Romulus, founder of Rome, lived.



The world’s favorite Renaissance city – Firenze. Stroll through the city admiring some of the lovely piazzas, churches and palaces with your expert guide. Stop for a visit to the Galleria dell’Accademia (Academy of Fine Arts) to see the most famous of Michelangelo’s work; David, a colossal 5.2m (17ft) nude of the biblical hero who killed the giant Goliath. You also visit the Duomo (Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore), the famous landmark of Florence, where you may wish to climb up the 464 steps to reach the top of the dome for a breath-taking view over the city. Finish your walk with a visit of the Church of San Lorenzo and the Medici chapels, where you can see the colourful Chapel of Princes and the New Sacristy with Michelangelo’s statues Dawn and Dusk and Night and Day.



Explore the romantic, less explored side of Venice with your expert local guide. Meander through the labyrinth of narrow streets and passageways in the old artisans’ quarter where picture postcard images seem to appear around every corner. Visit the Frari Church which houses masterpieces by Titian, Bellini and Canova. You can enjoy a private tour of the St Mark’s square area will include St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace. Once the home to Venice’s rulers and the offices of State the Doge’s Palace is a triumph of Gothic architecture. It was also where countless prisoners were held captive and tortured. Famous inmate Casanova made a dramatic escape across the rooftop in 1756.   Don’t miss to experience a private canal cruise along the famous Grand Canal, where you can admire the many Palazzi and bridges. Visit the sumptuous Venetian residence Ca’ Rezzonicois, that houses a precious collection of 18th-century Venetian furnishings and paintings. Also visit Jewish Ghetto where you will be shown many of the remaining synagogues in the area, whilst hearing about the interesting history of Jews in Venice.



Amalfi is the coast’s largest town with its main attraction being the 10th century Duomo fronted by a beautifully coloured 13th century facade. The enchanting village of Ravello is said to have the best views along the coast, which can be enjoyed from the lovely Villa Rufolo. You will also have the chance to visit the enchanting Emerald Grotto located in Conca dei Marini, a lovely bay about 3 miles west of Amalfi. The Emerald Grotto’s key feature is its exquisitely brilliant blue and green waters, which were in fact the inspiration for its name.  Also you can explore Pompeii, one of the oldest cities in the world, whose current urban structure retains elements of its long and eventful history. Founded by the Ancient Greeks as Neápolis (New City), it held an important role in Magna Graecia and then as part of the Roman Republic in the central province of the Empire. The city has seen a multitude of civilizations come and go, each leaving their mark.



A jewel on the edge of Lake Como’s crown, Como town is renowned as Italy’s silk capital. History buffs flock to the cathedral; shoppers and foodies delight in the market, wine bars and boutiques. Nearby Cernobbio, best known as the home of Grand Hotel Villa d’Este, boasts a lovely lakeside promenade, a quaint center and hiking paths through the Monti Lariani. Travel between Como and Cernobbio is by car, by boat or on a delightful 1 hour walk with panoramic views and elegant villas. The best way to experience Lake Como is from the water, enjoy a boat ride past the extravagant villas of the central lake area and disembark in Bellagio and Villa Balbianello. For centuries, the beauty and the tranquility of the central lake area has drawn the rich and famous to its shores. The result is a coastline lined with extravagant villas and manicured gardens, each with a fascinating history that your guide will recount. Once docked on Bellagio’s elegant promenade, venture into its historic center with your guide for an introductory tour. Known as the Pearl of the Lario, Bellagio is perched at the tip of the triangular promontory that separates Lake Como’s two southern branches. Its rich history is written in architectural gems like the Church of San Giacomo and the view point “La Punta Spartivento”; its cobbled alleys and steep stairs are flanked by wine bars, delicatessens and boutiques; flower-filled balconies and picture-perfect panoramas wait around every corner. On your return cruise, stop off at lovely Villa Balbianello on its prominent promontory.

  • The Vatican’s Swiss Guard – Go behind behind the scenes in one of the world’s most secretive organizations with a member of the elite Swiss Guard.
  • Cruising the Amalfi Coast – Join the jet set and see the jaw-dropping scenery of the world’s favorite island from your private luxury yacht.
  • The art of the Perfect Pizza – Embrace your inner pizzaiolo in our private pizza master class and dine al fresco with a local Lake Como family.
  • Helicopter over the Dolomites – Explore this UNESCO-listed mountain range from the best window seats in the house on our “flight-seeing” adventure.
  • The Altagamma Italian Experiences – We offer visitors behind-the-scenes access to some of Italy’s most iconic brands. In these exclusive, personalized experiences, the inspiring people working on the best ‘Made in Italy’ products show visitors first-hand the creativity and craftsmanship of their companies.
  • The Ferrari Experience – A new travel concept. An innovative approach to the self-drive tour. The perfect fusion of absolute luxury, culture, and grand turismo.
  • Exclusive Properties – The most important and luxurious homes available throughout Italy. You will not find our properties accessible anywhere else. All of our villas, country homes, palaces, and castles are owned by those in our inner circle. We hold the keys to Italy’s best-kept secrets.
  • Unique Excursions – Portfolio of unique excursions, gastronomic experiences, active adventures, and classical sightseeing tours for the Italy lover in all of us. Never wait in line with our private guide services available throughout Italy for popular museums and archeological sites, landmark cities, private palaces, & religious monuments.
  • Luxury Yachting – The beauty of having a selected fleet is the ability to offer everything; from motor to sail to classic, modern and expedition, ranging in length and budget to suit all requirements. Handpicked access to the world’s finest yachts and super yachts, along with all their natural complements.
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