Adventurous souls, those whose vacation must be about getting somewhere rather than just being somewhere, should look west off Italy’s boot towards villas in Sardinia – an autonomously governed part of the country that really could be in a different world altogether.

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily, a rugged collage of wide wheaten valleys, Caribbean-style beaches and rocky cliff-sides pockmarked with caves. From your villa in Sardinia, most of which occupy the scenic northern coast, there is much to explore.

A short drive from will bring you to the island’s most famous sites – the nuraghi, conical stone towers which served as homes for earliest settlers. History lovers staying at villas in Sardinia will also love the museums here featuring Prehistoric and Roman artifacts.

Just about anyone will find something to enjoy in the island’s local cuisine, favoring fresh seafood and roasted meats; don’t miss stocking your villas fridge with some of its exquisitely pungent cheeses either.

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